In the world of technology, cookie-cutter solutions don’t play

To ensure that everyone gets their fair share of attention, we intentionally limit the number of companies and engineers we work with. We vet every engineer and project to make sure that we can produce a good fit.

For individual founders and startups

Navigating the technology space when starting out is a real hassle. We help our smaller clients start their journey by helping to establish workflows and processes. We internally use industry-standard tools and technologies to stay on top of everything, and we can help you set up your own environment to foster communication and agility.

For Enterprises

If you are only interested in having a steady flow of leads to fill your hiring pipeline, we can notify you of our newest Engineers as soon as they pass their interviews. To stay as hands-off as possible just share your vision and requirements with us, and we can go to work to find the best Engineers for the position.

For teams with limited hiring experience

Even if you don't have your own hiring figured out, we can work with you to create a process that works for your unique situation and goals. We have a set of baseline practices, but we are not afraid to be flexible. From the size of the team to the choice of technology we can help you navigate the landscape.

For teams with established hiring processes

All the candidates we refer have previously passed our rigorous interview and tests. Even if a company already has processes in place, it can save resources on those first rounds, however we prefer clients to conduct at least one additional interview of their own. We believe this is a helpful practice to prevent a bad match from being made.

To provide you with the best Engineers possible, we rigorously vet the people we work with. Our interest is in your company's success, and we are incentivized to not only get the best fit for your project, but an Engineer who can stay on the job for months or years on end.

  • Initial Assessment

    We only work on projects we believe in and where we can provide value. At the beginning of our partnership, we provide at least an hour-long initial consulting, during which we assess your goals and the requirements of the project. Our NDA protects everything you share with us.

  • Planning

    After the assessment, we send out our plan of action and recommendations if we have any. This can include the technologies and systems we aim to use and the skillset we will look for. However, this is an open discussion and, we welcome all your insight, as you know your company best.

  • Developer selection

    We search our database for the required skillset and send you all profiles that fit. If we have found no good fit, we start the outreach on our channels immediately. Once you receive a profile that you like, you can start your own round of interviews. We only move forward if everyone is happy.

  • Team integration

    At the first few months of every new project, we pay special attention ensuring that everything is going well and that value is being generated. Sometimes there are growing pains while transitioning to a remote model, but our team is capable of handling these issues.

  • Continuous progress

    We seldom encounter problems at this stage, but we are here if further fine-tuning is necessary. Generally, this is the point where we would make additional recommendations. These can be regarding the established processes, practices, and tools that are being used.

  • Regular follow-ups

    We check in regularly with every Engineer across every project, as our goal is to develop long-term partnerships. Any issue that comes up needs to be addressed immediately, and our team is able to do so in a timely fashion. In any case, we appreciate your input as we always strive to be better.